Stan and Lindy Frank in Maui, Hawaii
NEWS on August 12, 2023 ON THE BURNING ON MAUI : I have received and written and made over 150 emails/texts/calls over the last 48 hrs. Folks on nearby islands have offered help, as well as Christians from New York to Alaska! We do appreciate everyone's concern and are thankful for God's mercy in the midst of so much devastation. With the exception of one couple, none of our church members suffered property damage as a result of the fires (so far) Frank & Susie Splann had to evacuate Tuesday night and eventually came to our place with just a few personal items and the clothes on their back and a pillow! Unfortunately they found out that their house did indeed burn to the ground like so many others in Lahaina. Your prayers for them are appreciated. Casey has been putting together bags of needed supplies and food items to take to those staying in the main shelter (War Memorial) Lindy and Zac have both been buying and taking requested supplies to a distribution point for victims.
And the church is brainstorming of other ways we can help and has allocated funds to continue providing supplies to the main shelters on Maui where 2000 plus are now staying. Thank you for your concern and prayers.

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