Mzuzu, Malawi, Africa

Mzuzu Bible College

This work is overseen by the elders of Thomaston Road Church of Christ, but many congregations and individuals support the work at Mzuzu Bible College. This is a mission that has been going on for many years and hundreds of people have heard the gospel because of this wonderful work.
Marc Veary and his wife Christine are doing an outstanding job in our effort to educate preachers to take the Gospel into the world. We have an excellent staff that provides these men with an excellent education, practical experience and a vocation to provide for their family.
The Mzuzu Bible college has earned a reputation for being a most excellent training ground for new ministers of the church of Christ. It provides an education highly sought after by local men desiring to commit their life to teaching the Gospel.

However, as typical for most mission works, the Mzuzu Bible College, is greatly in need of financial support. The most recent newsletters from our missionary, Marc Veary are posted below. Please take a moment to view them and consider the wonderful works that are taking place there. Please keep this work and our brothers and sisters in Malawi in your prayers.
To support the work in Mzuzu, Malawi with Marc Veary with the Mzuzu Bible College, just send a check marked for this work to:
Mzuzu, Malawi Work Project
Thomaston Road Church of Christ
P.O. Box 26307
Macon, GA 31221-2630
If you would like to discuss this work we invite you to contact one of our Elders, Tom Behel.