Operation Christmas Joy

Operation Christmas Joy is directed by Larry Brady and provides shoe box/bags of gifts every Christmas to Latino and Indian children ages 0 to 12 years from the Darien Mountains and to those children hospitalized in Panama City.

Rose's Cottage participates in Dresses for Panama. In this endeavor, we have ladies that sew dresses that are sent to Panama to help cloth children that are in need of dresses. If interested in participating, please contact our office and we will get you the information to participate in this endeavor. The ladies sew all year and then the dresses are collected and sent when the boxes/bags of Christmas goodies are delivered.
If you are interested in participating but are not attending services right now, just call the church at 478-757-9435, and we will let you know when we start collecting items for these boxes and also get a list for you to know what needs to be purchased when we give these boxes/bags out for people to fill. Also, people can contribute new dresses for girls or outfits for boys (they ask that we include undergarments with these dresses and/or outfits to make them complete). These have to be turned in by September of each year. Pen/pencils and notepads are also welcomed and must be turned in when the boxes/bags/dresses are due. Contact Paul and Erica Lorenzana to learn more about the boxes and bags. Contact Marchelle Cox to learn more about the dresses.