What to expect


We sing a cappella just like the church did in the 1st century. It won’t take long to realize it’s a wonderful way to sing and that we can all make beautiful music together for the Lord’s praise and our encouragement


We partake of the Lord's Supper each week. This is done in accordance with Scripture as we remember Jesus' death on the cross. The bread represents His body and the cup represents His blood which He shed when He died on the cross for our sins. We are using the individual packets that contain the wafer and the grape juice in one container.

The Offering

God has given us so much, and for that we delight in giving back to Him.  While you are welcome to give if you wish, visitors should not feel obligated to do so. You can give by dropping monies into the collection plate, or click the button below.

Preaching the Bible

During the sermon, you will notice that the Word of God is the subject.  We hope you bring a Bible with you and that you leave having learned more about God.  You can hear passionate lessons from our minister and elders, who are actively seeking ways to use God's Word to inspire us to live for Christ daily.

Praying to God

We are a praying church! And we have devoted men who lead us in prayer as a congregation each week. The prayers will be sincere and spoken from the heart as we connect with God.