bible class

Bible classes are a way for us to engage Scripture in a lively and loving way. Each Sunday morning at 9:30 and Wednesday evening at 7:00 we gather at the building to learn about God's Word. There are classes for all ages from newborns to young adults to our more seasoned Bible students as well! We hope you will plan on joining us soon for Bible class.

All Adult

Allan Hornbuckle is teaching from the Gospel of Mark  on Sundays. George Turner teaches on Wednesdays. You can meet with them in the auditorium.


This Bible class is for the young adults. Bryan Rogers teaches on Sundays and Kerry Lineberger teaches on Wednesdays. Meet in room #213.


Trey Jenkins and Brian Hargett lead these discussions. They meet each Sunday and Wednesday in room #219.


On Sundays, the high school only meet together to study God's Word, but on  Wednesdays, they gather with the middle schoolers for Bible Study.

Middle School

Middle Schoolers have their own class on Sunday morning, but on Wednesdays, they join the teens in their room for Bible Study.

8-10 Year Olds

Missy Jenkins teaches on 8-10 year-olds on Sunday mornings while on Wednesday night, they have a class with the 11 year-olds. 

5-7 Year Olds

The 5-7 year-olds are taught together on Sundays. On Wednesdays, they meet with the 4 year-olds for Bible Study.

3-4 Year Olds

3 - 4 year-olds are taught together on Sundays. On Wednesdays, the 4 year-olds meet with the 5 - 7 year-olds, while the 3 year-olds meet with the 2 year-olds for Bible class.

Nursery-2 Year Olds

Our babies through 2 year-olds are taught on Sunday in the nursery, and Jayna James is there for Wednesday Bible class. 


Beverly Sparrow organizes the teaching in the Ladies class. They meet each Wednesday.

Small Adult

Randy Bowling teaches an Adult class each Sunday morning.