from our elders

From our heart to yours:


Back around the 18th of March the eldership determined that cancelling all church related activities was necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As most of you know, the leaders of our nation have determined that it is necessary to extend the duration of the social distancing policy until the end of April, currently. With this being said, while most unfortunate, we at Thomaston Road will continue to cancel any and all activities until further notice including the Easter activities and our Friend and Neighbor Day. While we hope that this is only a short-lived situation, we realize that God is in control and has a reason for the current situation we find ourselves living in, even though we may not understand it. Remember Romans 8:28. 

Sometimes I think that we may take our fellowship and worship as a family for granted and it is not until such times as this that we realize it. If nothing else comes from this COVID-19 pandemic other than we realize the importance of fellowship and worship with church family, it will have been worth it. It is this fellowship that provides us strength to walk in the mist of the ungodly world that we live in. It gives us a resource to turn to when we find ourselves in over our heads. We can still reach out, pray, worship and commune with God and his family of saints and that is what being a church family is about. We ask that you continue to reach out to our brothers and sisters during this time. The church is us, as a family, and while we may not be able to physically meet together at the moment we can still use social media, phones, email etc. to reach out and fellowship with one another. If you have a need, become ill, or become aware of anyone having a need, we ask that you let one of us know immediately. 

We are going to do everything we can to continue to look for ways that we can to reduce the effects of not being able to gather together as we have become accustomed to. This past Sunday Dave conducted his class via Facebook live and had good participation. Rob preached a sermon and provided it and several past sermons on his website If you have other ideas, please reach out to us and let us know so we provide more opportunities to stay in touch. 

We love each of you and are missing being able to see each of you.

God Bless each of you - TRCOC Shepherds