Livng Longer for the Lord - Ministry for those 55 and up


  (The LLC Ministry is for members who are 55 years of age and older.) The purposes are:

  • to have organized fun activities for those 55 and up
  • to get to know one another
  • to do ministry together as an outreach to church members and to the community by inviting friends and neighbors to events that are of interest to the community

The second Saturday of each month is set up for the LLC Ministry to meet for activities. There may be exceptions to the 2nd weekend date to take advantage of special programs/activities.

​August 17 - Brunch and Bunco 

September ? - Tour of Milledgeville - pick Karl Williams up from Veterans Home in Milledgeville and take him out to lunch and on the tour with us

October 5 - Biblical History Center in LaGrange - all ages invited to attend with us

November - Fruit Baskets for Shut-ins and Elderly

December 22 - Christmas Care